Jan 15, 2014

Suiseki of Japan exhibition

A suiseki exhibition will be held during the same period
and at the same place as Kokufu Ten.

It is epoch-making that a suiseki exhibition is
held at a public art museum in the capital of Japan.

Be a witness of the history.

Nihon no Suiseki Ten(日本の水石展, literally Suiseki of Japan exhibition)

February 9(Sun) - 13(Thu)

9:30(10:00 first day) - 17:30(admission until 17:00まで)
Admission fee:
\500(\400 for those who are in a group of more than 10 people)

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum(東京都美術館) exhibition schedule:

Nippon Suiseki Association(日本水石協会) web site:

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