May 23, 2016

Kyuka-en x Riso kiln(Arita ware) "Ohako(specialty Kabuki repertoire)"

Niwa-fuji(庭藤, literally garden wisteria, Indigofera decora) x Koraiya-gōshi(高麗屋格子, Kōraiya-check pattern) design round pot.

Kōshirō(幸四郎) vs Tōjūrō(藤十郎).

Both Kōshirō and Tōjūrō are stage names of Kabuki actors.

Kōraiya is a name of a guild which the family of Kōshirō belongs to.
This check pattern was named Koraiya-gōshi because Kōshirō IV
played Banzuiin Chōbei(幡随院長兵衛) wearing a cape with this design
to receive a favorable reputation.
Thus this check patter was named Koraiya-gōshi and became very popular.

A wisteria patter is a part of family emblem of Tōjūrō.

Fuji(藤, wisteria) is too large for this pot and I adopted
Niwa-fuji(庭藤, literally garden wisteria).

Everything happens in my palm.

May 2, 2016

Grand Bonsai Festival 2016 coming soon

Every year on May 3, 4 and 5,
Dai Bonsai Matsuri (大盆栽まつり, literally Grand Bonsai Festival) is
held in the Omiya Bonsai Village.

It is one of Japanese largest outdoor market of bonsai,
plants, pots and related materials.

It began to commemorate
the 60th anniversary of the Omiya Bonsai Village and
now it is recognized as a seasonal event.

Grand Bonsai Festival 2015 video:

Closed days of the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum in May 2016

May 2016, the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum is closed on:


From March - October,
the museum is open until 16:30 (entrance before 16:00).

On Thursdays, gardens in the Omiya Bonsai Village are closed, too.

This year Children's Day falls on Thursday and the
museum is open on May 5.

Gardens of the Omiya Bonsai Village will be open on May 5, too,
because it is during the Grand Bonsai Festival period.