Jan 29, 2014

Chushun bonsai exhibition

A bonsai exhibition
(Chushun* - Masterpiece selection from the Omiya Bonsai Village)"
will be held at the Omiya Bonsai Museum
from January 31 - February 19.

Kyuka-en is going to exhibit from January 31 - February 5
the plant which often appears on ukiyo-e,
the glass which often appears on bonsai books
published in Meiji and Taisho period,
the tree which MURATA Kyuzo (my grandfather)
brought back from Kunashiri Island in early Showa period and
the bonsai which MURATA Isamu (my father) created from scratch.

Or, what are totally excluded from
the ultra-conservative salon of bonsai,

Because there is no meaning in holding a mini-Kokufu at a museum
and Kokufu-ten as a stage set to sell expensive bonsai
to wealthy customers is not our governing values.

Please visit both Kyuka-en exhibition and Kokufu-ten to
see the two opposite directions in the modern bonsai world.

* second month of the lunar calendar

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