Nov 8, 2013

Shizen Bonsai exhibition

Every year in this season,
the exhibition of "Shizen Bonsai"(Nature Bonsai) is held at
Saitama Dento Kogei Kaikan
(埼玉伝統工芸会館, literally Saitama Traditional Crafts House)
and this year it is held from November 9 - 10.

"Shizen Bonsai" is one extreme style of non-commercial bonsai
practiced by late KITAMURA Takuzo(北村卓三)
who presided a legendary bonsai magazine
Shizen to Bonsai(自然と盆栽, Nature and Bonsai)
and his followers.

This movement is almost completely neglected by
the present bonsai world.

But International Bonsai magazine sometimes cites
articles from Shizen to Bonsai .

And Masakuni has 4 types of scissors
designed by KITAMURA in its product line and
their features are often imitated by other tool makers.
(I am going to mention it later.)

KITAMURA's legacy will be inherited in the future as well.

Shizen Bonsai web site:

Shizen Bonsai exhibiton:

埼玉伝統工芸館(Saitama Traditional Crafts House):

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