Jan 3, 2015

My first and last work in 2015

Today, I went to a nearby DIY store to buy Akadama.

I know people in the world sometimes have difficulties in getting Akadama.
But in Japan it is one of the most basic soils for growing plants, 
and it is available anywhere if you don't mind the quality, or hardness of the grain.

At the store, I found a white Japanese apricot sold in a basket 
which was not even potted.

Akadama is available anytime, so I bought the apricot.

It is easy to plant it in a well-made bonsai pot and 
raise the overall quality as bonsai.

But I have learnt that the higher I raise the quality and the price, 
the lower the marketability becomes.

At first I thought of potting it in a blue oval pot but it was too small.

Then I made compromise by this red pot, 
though I thought it was a bit too massive.

I raised the trunk slightly.

I will offer it for a fair price for not bonsai lovers 
but those who want apricot blossoms at hand. 

I used aluminium wire to fasten the tree in the pot.

The wire is not visible from outside.

Sometimes I use magic which is different from that of so-called bonsai masters.

My magic is hidden and discreet like this wire.

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