Feb 2, 2014

Sales area of Kokufu Ten 2014

From February 4 - 12, Risshun Bonsai Oichi
(立春盆栽大市, literally Lichun Bonsai Grand Market)
is held at Ueno Green Club.

It is one of Japanese largest markets of bonsai, pots, tools,
suiseki (viewing stone) and related materials.


The hours for this event is from 9:00 - 17:00 (16:00, last day).

In Japan, the consumption tax will be raised next April.

If you are interested in things with fixed prices
like Masakuni tools, don't miss this time.

Risshun Bonsai Oichi 2013 movie:

For the convenience of the visitors,
every year during the Kokufu Ten period,
a connecting limo (or minibus) runs between
the museum and Ueno Green Club.

Usually, the bus departs from here on the museum side.

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I hope you visit Ueno Green Club with a fat wallet,
and leave with a thin wallet and satisfaction.

Ueno Green Club map:

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