Oct 21, 2013

The 6th "Saitama Komachi" vote on the web

Ms. SAKAGUCHI Aya (坂口彩),
one of the actors and producers of a Japanese short film,
usual colors is one of the finalists of
the 6th Saitama Komachi (さいたま小町, Saitama Beauty).

Saitama Komachi is a promotion personality of
the tourism and industry of Saitama city.

The PR video of Ms. SAKAGUCHI:

Another finalist is Ms. OTSUKA Mioko (大塚美緒子).

When she was a highschool student,
she belonged to a broadcasting club.

And she made a presentation about Kyuka-en
at a competition to receive the governor's award of
Saitama prefecture.

The PR video of Ms. OTSUKA.

You can vote only once, so make a careful choice.

Click to open the web vote system:

Click to enlarge the image to know how to vote:

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