Mar 14, 2013

Angular souvenirs

Some of the souvenirs I brought back from the sales area of Kokufu ten.

YAMAMORI Shiho (山もりしほ).

YAMAMORI Shiho (山もりしほ).

She is a Japanese female potter.
I like the rough, imposing appearance of these pots.
But they are not the only character of her works.

She baked such a pretty pot, too.

A fan-shaped pot by KATAOKA Mitsue (片岡美津江).

She is a wife of a Japanese famous potter, KATAOKA Reiho (片岡黎鳳).

You make think this design is avant-garde
but a pot like this appeared in a book published more than 100 years ago.

Black pine in a fan-shaped pot.
From Horticulture at Home - Floriculture and Bonsai (家庭園芸 花卉と盆栽), 1905.

Nothing is new in bonsai.

Lastly, a round souvenir.

YAMAMORI Shiho (山もりしほ).


  1. some very interesting pots! thank you for showing us.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I want to provide something new by this blog.