Feb 6, 2013

MASAKUNI awarded "Master craftsman of modern times"

The other day, I went to a municipal library to photocopy 
the newspaper articles about MASAKUNI 3rd.

He was awarded Gendai no meiko 
(現代の名工, Master craftsman of modern times)
by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare in November last year.

It means that the quality of Japanese best bonsai tools is officially certified.

I feel glad as a descendant of MURTA Kyuzo who worked with 
MASAKUNI 1st to make up almost all the basic designs of 
the bonsai tools of the present day.

The Mainichi Newspapers morning paper of Saitama local edition, 
November 8, 2012.
(C) The Mainichi Newspapers. All rights reserved.

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